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District Camp at Miskin 2023: A Scouts Perspective
By Georgia Murray

The District Scout Camp at Miskin was an extremely fun camp, and it was great to meet other scouts and make new friends!

We were lucky to have great weather all weekend. As soon as we arrived
we spent some time making up our tents and getting our stuff organised
ready for the first night.  After that, Pete gave us a quick tour
around the campsite making sure we knew where not and where to go, then we played until
supper, which was burgers and a choice of coffee, tea or hot

When we woke up we all changed into different clothes and went to
breakfast which was cereal, sausages, hash browns and beans. Then we
went to the flag and we were told our activities and given lanyards
divided into different groups, the activities were Prusking, Archery,
Tarpology and Cooking which were fun in different ways and  of course we had breaks and lunch in between

Shortly after that we had tea and a choice of coffee, tea and hot
chocolate, and then we roasted marshmallows around the campfire.

We had a really great time!


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