Adult Training

Adult volunteers are at the heart of Scouting, and we hope that you will get every bit as much out of it as you put in. Scouting is not only about young people, but also about the development of adults within the Movement.

To support adults in Scouting, the Association provides a comprehensive programme of training to build on existing skills and knowledge and develop new competencies.

Some elements of training can count towards externally-recognised qualifications, and within the movement there are also awards to recognise dedication to training and outstanding service.

To find out which training modules are required for your role, use the Interactive Module Matrix

Training Module Links


Use this key to identify which modules are required for your role. Hover your mouse over a key block to see the roles applicable.

All Appointments
Section Leaders and Section Supporters
Managers, Section Supporters, Other Supporters
Mandatory Ongoing Learning

Getting Started Modules

The getting started modules should be completed in the first five months of your appointment. Use the key above to see which modules are applicable to your role. Click a link to start online e-learning or view more information.

M2: Personal Learning Plan

Plan your Wood Badge training with your manager

M1: Essential Information

Information about Scouting


Safe activities to keep everyone safe


Safeguarding practices and your responsibilities


General Data Protection Regulations

M3: Tools for the Role (Leaders)

Help for your role and responsibilities

M4: Tools for the Role (Managers)

Help for your role and responsibilities

Trustee Introduction

Legal responsibilities and regulations

Wood Badge Modules

Most adults should complete Wood Badge training modules. These should be done within the first three years of your appointment. For a list of modules that apply to your role, please select your role(s) below:

Scout Role(s):

Mandatory Ongoing Learning

These modules should be completed every three years. Executive Committee members don't need to complete the First Aid module.


Safe activities to keep everyone safe


Safeguarding practices and your responsibilities

M10: First Aid

For leaders, managers and supporters

Training Team
NameRole Description 
Georgia District Youth Commissioner
Very Busy Leader Test Training Manager

Training News

As a district we are proud of all our young members and leaders, and in particular Gareth Collier who has been presented with a prestigious Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award at Buckingham Palace Gardens on the 15th of May 2023.

Congratulations and Thank You for your continued support as a leader within our district. 

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The District Scout Camp at Miskin was an extremely fun camp, and it was great to meet other scouts and make new friends!

We were lucky to have great weather all weekend. As soon as we arrived
we spent some time making up our tents and getting our stuff organised
ready for the first night.  After that, Pete gave us a quick tour
around the campsite making sure we knew where not and where to go, then we played until
supper, which was burgers and a choice of coffee, tea or hot

When we woke up we all changed into different clothes and went to
breakfast which was cereal, sausages, hash browns and beans. Then we
went to the flag and we were told our activities and given lanyards
divided into different groups, the activities were Prusking, Archery,
Tarpology and Cooking which were fun in different ways and  of course we had breaks and lunch in between

Shortly after that we had tea and a choice of coffee, tea and hot
chocolate, and then we roasted marshmallows around the campfire.

We had a really great time!

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